DKSH Sales

I woke up so early today and perhaps one of the earliest weekends I would say.Was supposed to get ready to gate crash someone party this morning and end up having less than 30 minutes to spare I found myself in the war field of DKSH clearance sales.

The crowd was so overwhelming even at just 9.45am and the sales just start 15 mins ago.
By the time I walk pass the booths, my Ruffles chips were gone,Brands bird nest was all emptied (cause selling for RM 60 for 6 bottles).. sobz

But even so I managed make a mini haul from there before I was really late and rush like crazy to the lrt station.

St Ives Scrub - RM 5
St Ives Cleanser - RM 5
St Ives Shower Gels - RM 5
Colgate Toothbrush - RM 8
Pearl Drop Teeth Whitener - RM 20 Sparkles n Shines ^_^

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