Shu Uemura..Neo-Reflector Lash

Shu Uemura organized Neo-Tokyo party last Thursday in Midvalley Center Court.

They are now having a roadshow introducing the latest Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 Neo-Tokyo Odyssey Collection

The party started at 6pm with registration for RSVP and also lovely door gift by SHU..

Inclusive of a cleansing oil, face powder and two sachets of sun protector

Meet John from and lovely 思远. Had some wonderful desert by Delicious.

As the party started, three beautiful ladies came out wearing the latest lashes and walk the runway..

All of us get the chance of wearing the look ourselves.. and pose like FUTURISTIC QUEENS !!

The highlight of the roadshow was that all of you gorgeous people out there will be able to try on the pairs yourself.. The fun part would be strike a pose with their new lashes and stand a chance to win a prize worth RM 1000 of Shu's product..

Fascinated? Drop by their booth now...^_^ and also must visit their page in Facebook!!
Simply click the link ---> SHU UEMURA MALAYSIA

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