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I was away for the weekend to attend Bon Odori in Penang.. Left office last Friday and went straight home to pack up some stuff and drove back to Ipoh.

Reach Ipoh about 11pm ++ and was thinking to have a bowl of nice and warm beef noodle @ tong sui kai ^_^ slurp.. as I was about to order... aunty said.. sorry sold out jor.. @_@ what...!!!

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Back at home, as I was about to sleep there came a sound " grong.. grong".. Jump out of bed and switch one the light to see....Nothing. Lights off and went back to sleep and the sound returned... On the lights and this time f!@#$%^&*.. big fat rat hiding behind the dressing table. Scared the s!@# out of me!! Guess I left the room too long since my last return.. I spent the whole night cleaning the mess. and make sure every single corner was ready with traps.

I was supposed to fetch some friends who will tag along @ 9am, but went I woke up, it was already 9.30am..Reached Penang by 12pm and made a call to reserve some tables for lunch @ Aji Noren..

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"Hello, reserve table for 11 pax"
"Ok, what time?"
"I'm actually at the bridge, just incase anything happen let's make it 1pm"
"Ok, Thanks"

Just after I hang up, I happily drove across the bridge and (slap,slap) stupid mouth.. Jam!!

A car caught fire and traffic is moving slowly, I can feel the heat of the burning car even 2 lanes away from it.. and the car is bursting bit by bit.. so scary...

Then we reached the makan place.. oo got calls from the restaurant said many ppl waiting for tables.. must come faster.. ^^ first time eating there.. food was superb.. tasty tender juicy saucy so nice can't describe more.. I ordered teppanyaki beef set..

RM 21 - Beef Teppanyaki Set ^^

It was so nice... and we drove back to hotel to take some rest.. and wait for the night..

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