RMK Make me Over ~

After so many good words and reviews from Connie @ Skindeco, I finally get a chance to get to know RMK myself..

Got myself a free makeover session through Maxis One Club voucher with Isetan Garden's counter SA - Bonnie Lim.

I went there after work last week, hence looking much like a walking zombie with deadly complexion.

Bonnie was very very patience (interrupted by many phone calls), she started off telling me about the brand RMK = Rumiko their founder and the core of their product which was yeast and apricot seed.

A brand based on nothing but purely natural ingredient + wonderful packaging.

We started of with cleansing my face with its star product - RMK Cleansing Oil.
Very similar to the other brand according to Bonnie to be apply with dry dry hands and face.

I was advised to do a double cleanse using their Creamy Soap N as the first one act as a remover to wash off makeup and sunscreen.

Their second star product is called Skintuner - japanese has a different impression between lotion vs toner. They perceive that toner often contains alcohol and mainly to tighten up open pores. RMK Skintuner on the other hand contains no alcohol and act as a skin prep to give moisture to the skin before the actual moisturizer that will enhance the effect to its max.

As for my skin, Bonnie advise me to use 2 different types of toner to target on my combination + dehydrated skin.

Skintuner Smoother- treats pores and roughness and also

Skintuner Moist - that gives you soft and supple skin

Lastly Bonnie applied Face Protector N to protect my skin from harmful UV comes with spf31 and water-based, so your skin will not feel oily after application.

She did also introduced to me RMK makeup range - knowing that I'm a minimal makeup person, she advise that I can apply a little foundation to even up my complexion making my skin more radiance.

It was really enjoyable knowing Bonnie , she has so much passion in her job and such a detail explanation of each and every product.

Off all the items I mentioned above, she gave me samples of each to try out myself. ^_^ So kind of her.

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  1. hmmm ? Camie show us the after makeover photo pls ~~~hehehe...
    I think I know who Bonnie is...yes I like her too ^^ very kind of her ^^

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