Kiehls Boy - Have a goodnight sleep

While I was walking my way to the parking after work, I stumble across the display box in front of TBS in Midvalley center court..

Featuring Kiehls new launch Midnight Recovery Concentrate together with some comfy bedding settings and also .... a goodnight boy with teddy..

New launch serum - contains 7 types of pure essential oils to restore your skin while having a good night ^_^

The cute Kiehls boy... ^^

Beside the good night greetings from him ---> there's also a redeem your free samples instruction on the display glass.. so I followed the instructions and head to Kiehls to find out more..

I saw a cotton candy machine outside Kiehls store with purple cotton candy surrounding it.. oh.. It's so fluffy I could die ~_~....

I was greeted warmly by Sandy, a senior in MV store. She introduce me to their new Midnight Recovery Concentrate and also try out on my hand its texture and the scent was simply heavenly..

Contains Lavender Oil (Photo from Lavender @

Sandy also suggest if I would like to try their skincare range and looking at my skin condition, she hand me the Yerba Mate Tea Cleanser. It contains Vitamin Infused tea Extract that promote healthy youthful skin.
Yerba Mate Cleanser, Toner and Lotion

Looking at my panda like eyes, Sandy could not help herself but to fix my problem handing me Darkness Diminishing Eye Treatment - it contains vitamin C, plum fruit and botanical extract to lighten under eyes darkness.

And the kind and helpful one - Sandy again.. showed me the rice & wheat volumizing conditioning rinse for my limp and curtain like hair.

Everything at Kiehls smell simply addictive... aww.. the shampoo is on sale.. there's economic pack..

Tempted @_@.. head over to Kiehls to find the love of your life..

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