Cosmopolitan Bengkel Konfiden - Fearless, Fun, Fabulous

So are you confident ? Are you Fearless? Fun? Fabulous?

Well if you are yet to be any of those above worry not - Cosmo is here to show your way ...

My whole experience with this workshop was like taking a roller coaster ride. Remember when I saw the workshop participation form in the magazine I was thinking "Should I or should I not?" Then when I finally submit my participation at their uptown office, the money order went MIA... lucky that I called to inform, otherwise I'll be so blur and not knowing about it...

So finally manage to attend - Nikko Hotel 9.30am

First met with Jess then introduce me to Nicole & Adriene, met some new friends Farah, Aimi and Ila.. then saw the chocolate cat - Fatin.. hehe

Ila, Farah & Aimi

The workshop started off with talk given by the well known tv host - Pn Nurfarahin Jamsari.
She talks about what is communication, how to communicate effectively and how to make oneself look confident and presentable.

Don't talk to duck in French, German nor English.. Just Quack!!
Is Shu time....

Shu Uemura Black Book artist demonstrated 15 mins rush to work makeup.. XD and transformation from day to night Vogue look style..
Black Book Artist - Najeeb

We got a 15 mins special by Hunny Madu - "What's your pick me up?" Is about how to make yourself feel better during a bad day, or when things just go wrong.. Hunny one was a hug from a friend or a silly call to mum saying 'sayang, is ok you can do it". Me? sales and discounts perhaps ^_^ Freebies is the Best !!!

Hunny Madu - fellow butterflies.. ^_^

And finally we get a lunch break.. prepared by wonderful chefs of Nikko Hotel

After lunch break was a "how to dress" session by T-Joue followed by lucky draw and winners walked away with Shu Uemura goodies worth Rm 300 .. uhuhu envy max.

The workshop was from 9.30am to 2.30pm.. the longest that I have ever been + an overrun of 30mins. Shu Uemura session was so far apart from everyone's expectation. We thought there will be some hands on and makeover thing, there wasn't even enough artist allocate to each table. Not to mention missing item from the goodies bag that left all participants eyes wide open.. it was later given to us when we left.

Perhaps, it was their first and totally forgiveable on that. Well really need to work extra hard next time !

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