Hada Labo - PerfectxSimple Tea Party

It was really a Perfect tea party - not as Simple as you may think of though.

Lucky me still manage to grab a seat - guess was nearly the last one..

The party was held at FUKUYA - Authentic Japanese Cuisine restaurant (fine dine some more ^_^)
I was late so picture taken from Pinkylicious Diary ^_^

It was one of the most well-planned and surprising event I have ever attended..thumbs up for Hada Labo

Due to some delay from the previous event, I arrived nearly 40minutes late (felt so bad about it)

We were first register ourselves at the concierge and then lead to a room whereby we took pictures with "Hada Labo's Heart" and backdrop. (We get a copy of it too) ^_^

That's Jess taking her pose ^_^

Then when return to the main dinning area, I was just in time for food. I took a sit right at the 1st table facing the stage and can help myself but to start eating.. @_@ food was wonderful, great, yummy, word can't describe more.. eat eat eat !!!

Sashimi... ^_^

Clockwise: Ebi Uni, Tuna,Tempura & Yakitori

After some wonderful food, we had a hydration test on our hands... the most dehydrate one will win. My reading was no where near the winner - a jump of nearly 50 in her readings. Mine was at 34% and after application went up to 52%. ^_^ boing boing..

Dare to take the challenge? ^_^

Last but not least, everyone leave the tea party with smiles on their face because of these -->

The 3 new product in moisturizing range - lipbalm, face cream and facial mist. Travel size lotion and also mini cleanser.. ^^Also not to forget my heart...

Last but not least - group picture... ^_^

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