Have you ever locked yourself up in a room?

Not that kind where you throw tantrum and locked yourself up kind but really locking yourself up.

It just happen to me moment ago.

As I wanted to use the bathroom quite urgently I walked up to the door and turn the door knob.. OMG ..@#$%&.. is locked....

Locked as in spoiled -  trap in the room. Worst scenario - I need to go to the bathroom.

We twist and turn but to no avail. Then we decided to break it down. Took a screwdriver, unscrew everything and we are still stuck.. Something internally broke of and it couldn't trigger the latch.

As we try and try, rescue arrived. Our house mate is back. We call for help and she try to turn from the outside but still it was not moving a single inch.

She pull the whole knob off the door from the outside leaving us with a hole in the door and the latch still stuck to the wall.

This time, we ain't giving up after going so far. With full force we dismantle the latch and pulled the part out.

Finally we are free!

So in case if any of these happen or if you do not wish to call the lock smith, please ensure that you have the right equipment with you that comes in handy.

Now I'm gonna guide you through smashing your lock into pieces 101 :-


Screwdriver - flathead x 1 (if none, anything that can unscrew the 2 screws on the knob, example nail filer, steel ruler, sharp scissors, fake nails)
Pliers x 1 (if none, substitute with scissors, nail clipper anything you may think)


1) Unscrew the 2 screws on the door knob, if you don't see it, it is under the silver plate in between the knob and the door.

2) After removing the screws you will see a complicated internal built of the knob. Please do not bother to study how to dismantle it, just use something that is hard, such as plier, lock, hammer, wooden comb or anything hard that you can knock the whole lock off.

3) After the lock falls off you will see the latch that still in place, stuck in between the door and also the wall that holds itself too. Now comes the plier, grip it hard and shake it lose. It may not comes off as a whole and in my case bits by bits and until the whole thing come off.

Voila, you manage to free yourself. The downside is that you need to purchase a new lock and fix the whole thing back up or call the locksmith right after.

Option no 2,which what my friend Rebecca did was jump from the 2nd floor. She managed to get out of the house but with bruises and cuts here and there. However I totally do not agree to this and definitely do not recommend anyone to try this anywhere. Please either call the locksmith or call delivery if you are hungry.

I still prefer the first option to just break the lock and buy a new one. After all is not that expensive and don't need to risk your life.

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