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Is been sometime since my last post.. been busy doing reports lately.. T-T

Well as I am going of my my long due trip soon, I have decided to grab a new lens to add in my collection. I have been eye-ing on the nikkor 50mm for sometime now so I went to One U to look for the guy who quoted me a good price previously.

As I walked in, he wasn't around so one uncle approached me, "Looking for camera?" - I smiled and said yes.. Quickly I saw this promo for Panasonic Lumix FH1 going RM599... and ending today...

So I asked, "Uncle can I try that one?".
He said "no stock woh", this one also good mah, also on promotion..
I was like "this one older model woh",
he said, "same one, same price mah,".
I said, "if same why come out two model, what's the different?"
he said "maybe a bit different la, the zoom ah the function ah," - then just now u said same -_-
I said "then can place order?" when can get?
he said" oh we do survey dy one, we only bring in model that is selling so why not u buy this one la' - wasn't answering my question at all.
I said,"ok nvm, what about the lens 50mm how much? (same shop diff sales told me it was RM350).
he said: that one give u RM 420 la..(wtf... it was RM 350 last time now this price -_-!!)

I just walked off....

Nowadays service level as such is not acceptable anymore...

So I went to another camera shop - same owner. I saw the Sony W310 on promotion going for RM 599 as well.. if you bring any old camera / handphone, you will receive additional RM100 rebate. Plus free 4 gb SD card and an original camera case.

Cybershot W310 - ^_^
Free case worth RM 49

Comes in 3 colors - pink, silver and black...

Still I end up buying this instead of my 50mm.. hahaha.. Not too bad a camera for that price..

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