Shins- World class from around the world

If you ever wonder, Shins is an exclusive store that carries various of beauty product from around the world.. from hair care to makeup tool. you name it they have it.

With the experts of beauty buys, you can get some of the most wanted brands such as Ecotools, Kings&Queens, Bedhead, Young Blood and also everything else , sometimes even at lower price. With wonderful service, you will always find yourself attended by helpful and knowledgeable SA when you step foot in the store.

My first purchase from Shins was Bloom's makeup base. It was 2 - 3 years back when the product was voted as one of the best product from its range in a magazine.

If it wasn't store like this, we can only read about brands and not write about them. Simple because you won't be flying around the world just for something that you think it is good and wanted to try.

Shins has just announced that they will be organizing an evolution party @ their newly renovated flagship store in Midvalley on 15th Sept.. 2 lucky bloggers will ve able to receive invitation to attend this event..

So those who are interested please visit their FB page here! and simply write down ur blog link in their comment box.

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