A day in Crab Island

I was never a fan of small town life.

One fine Sunday, my family and I made a trip to Crab Island @ Pulau Ketam.

Driving all the way from PJ to Klang, I was all filled with doubt in mind.. Why am I doing this..

Fishy island, dirty sea water, crappy boat - this ain't Maldives...

Well it was what I thought - not at all!!

Having most of my life spent living no where near small town, this trip change something in me.

Looking at these people who live there, they make a living fighting weathers and mother nature (storm & sea). Hard earn money I would say, but there ain't unhappy.

Kids should grow up in places like this, knowing what is the true difficulties in life so it isn't bad at all if you don't own a NDSL. Kids here smile and laugh just through enjoying each other companionship. I saw this kid laughing happily just looking at his daddy peeking him from behind the door. Is simply sweet and adorable.

It maybe a flashback of 10 years since we travel on bicycles but in this town above stilts, this maybe the only form of transport available.

Small alley, lovely people, cheap seafood and the warm smile on faces , you just forget why are you fighting so hard for...

Is time to slower down the pace of busy city life and if there's one thing perhaps we can rewind, it maybe choosing to grow up in a small town far away from the ambush of city life where people run when other stroll, a place where rhythm comes from hons and not songs.

Is crossing the line important anymore? Or is it for the sake of not wanting to be left behind?

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