Flying in less than 8 hrs..

Hi gorgeous people, what you are about to read is a post under the influence of extreme "EXCITEMENT'...

Thanks to Air Asia Zero Deal.. I finally travelling on my own.. ^_^

First stop --- > HK !!

Well not exactly HK that I'm flying to, instead I'll be arriving in Macau.

For a two way ticket it cost me RM 230 per person only (CHEAP...) @_@

Will then be staying in HK for 5 days and spend the last 2 days in Macau.

So what's the plan? Shop, eat, play, shop , shop, shop.......

Flight time 5.50am 17 Sept... tik tok tik tok.. is getting closer... ^_^

Gorgeous people, if you wanna know more about my trip.. come back again tomorrow... ^_^

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