Tekken (2010) - GSC special screening

Tekken - speaks about a story of a young man whom mother got killed and on his journey to seek revenge. He soon traced the killer and the only way to get to him is to take part in the "KING OF IRON FIST" tournament. He must now win every single combat to ensure that he will face him alive!!

Starring Jon Foo @ Jin Kazama - a very handsome young man who posses great skill in martial art (great body too).

Tekken originated from a famous arcade game that many have played before. Each characters has his/her specialities from kicks to slam, it is unique in every way.

From 23-30th July, GSC organized a give-away of 40 tickets for its special screening and top 40 fans to leave their fullname, post " I want to watch Tekken" and change their profile pictures will get 2 tickets to the screening.

Ooo and of coz, seeing this post means that I got my two tickets for the weekend.. Thank you GSC.. ^_^

Updated: Awesome fighting skill and hot bods for everybody... Story wise..Well at least is worth to look at Jon Foo.. ^_^ 6 packs...

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