WEVents - Gorgeous Hair for the Gorgeous You by Winnie Loo

Are you having dull looking, frizzy unmanageable hair? - Don't have a single idea on which style suits you better? Read on then !!

I was so glad that I was able to attend such wonderful event organized by this group of gorgeous ladies - WEvents @ Women Only Men not invited....

Quote 'Not even my PR was allow - He's a guy" - Winnie

It was grateful that Winnie spend her time with us and gave so much advice on how to look gorgeous and "Not Boring" Just by getting a hair cut.

Advice 1 - Cut /Trim your hair once every 6 weeks

Advice 2 - Full face should not go with one length bob and full fringe

Advice 3 - Long face should not go for straight rebonding

Enough said just by looking at the illustrated picture above.... -_- !!

How we choose to cut and style our hair is so important , a slight mistake will make it look disastrous. Same goes to hair colour, some goes well with black but for me I look like half dead or get bitten by Edward Cullen.

Winnie said that many are afraid that colouring your hair will make you die faster @ caused cancer ??? Being a very thoughtful company, L'oreal came up with a new range of hair colour system - INOA (with less odour, no ammonia and better protection for coloured hair).

She was once told by a customer, " I love my gf but she's getting boring, please do something to change to her look, otherwise I may need to change her"... See how important to keep yourself looking good, is not for "him" but yourself so instead being chosen, we get to choose.

There were three lucky girls chosen for the makeover Tammy, Xin Yi and also Yunny (Congratz bride to be).

Makeover 1 - Tammy @ Plussizekitten (Now sex kitten) XD

Winnie gave her a seemless layering to create multiple length to soften the look and also give some body to the hair. Use a little hair spray and mess a little at the side and top part of the hair to give it a sexy all day look. Plus Tammy also get her hair coloured in Ash brown to freshen up her look.

Makeover 2 - Yunny

Yunny got a nice fringe , side parted and length covering just at the jaw line. It give Yunny's hair looking more volume at the same time covering the side of her face to make it look smaller. This is one style that can last Yunny for months to come because it said to keep her looking good up till shoulder length.

Makeover 3 -Xin Yi
According to Winnie, Xin Yi got a pear shape face with narrow forehead and broad cheek. To soften down her features, Winnie gave her a one sided fringe to cover the side of the cheek and also a longer length covering her neck and jawline. She also mentioned that if we have a fuller neck, we mustn't go too short otherwise it will emphasize even more on the thickness of the neck. To style the hair simple hold the top part of the hair higher and give it some spray. The height on top will elongate the face making it less round looking.

After the makeover session, we ladies get our turn. Let see what Winnie advices are.

Jess: I tried so many styles and end up looking like this
Winnie: You are not very tall, should keep your hair at shoulder length so it will be nice.

Ann: My hair is naturally wavy and it's been the same length for 4 years now
Winnie: This length is good, try Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment it can helps to smooth out frizzy hair making it manageable and neat.

Kelly: I look like this for almost two years
Winnie: You have an oval face shape, anything will look good on you. Is whether or not are you ready for it.

So, everyone got an answer. Otherwise do book an appointment and get a hair makeover at A Cut Above.

Last but not least, we have a lucky draw. Prize sponsored by WEVents wonderful ladies - a stay at Hilton inclusive of breakfast at a huge discount.... and the winner was

Is Kelly ^_^

All of us still walk away with some great goodies

Magazine sponsored by Malaysia Women Weekly, Zouk Cafe Lunch Promo, A Cut Above voucher worth RM 20 x 2, Beautyworks treatment voucher worth Rm 188, Kerastase hair product and a comb by A Cut Above.

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