Isetan Lucky Bag is Back !!!

I was so happy when I saw Jess post at her blog that Isetan Lucky Bag is coming back again.

After going through the list, I have decide to buy the Sundries Bag @ ladies department.

Contains :-
Cosmetics sample kit + perfume vials + shoe vouchers + 2 handbags + 1 small pouch + costume jewellery + misc

Since I'm working here next to Isetan, I thought of queuing up at 9.30am. Came in this morning work work forgets about it. When I saw the time was 10.10 am, late dy !!!

Surprisingly... the crowd was not there yet.....

hehe after I taken mine...

So what else do we ladies get.. let's see.

Not so important right??.. Wanna see what's inside right?..

Lancome Genifique Youth activating concentrate 5ml
Lancome Genifique Youth activating eye concentrate 5ml
Lancome Renergie Advanced lifting & firming eye cream 5ml
Lancome Renergie Advanced lifting & shaping serum 5ml
Lancome Renergie advanced lifting and shaping cream 5ml
Lancome Renergie advanced lifting and shaping emulsion 5ml
Lancome Renergie advanced lifting beauty lotion 15ml
Brow trimming service
Facial treatment
50% of next facial treatment
Toscano Leather Pouch - Made in Italy

Necklace - Sense of Nature
Earring - Vivacious

Sosoku Foot Comfort

Elle Bags

Shoe vouchers

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