RMK Cleansing Oil

Why RMK ? Coz I attended last week RMK autumn collection workshop ^_^

Well since the voucher was redeemable therefore I just grab a pack of its value set consist of cleansing oil, cream cleanser & skin tuner .

Contains natural oil & botanical makeup removing oil

See oily forehead, oily cheek

Unlike normal cleansing oil, this one is slightly thicker (like lotion). It is actually a good thing because is less messy and easier to wash off . Another cute thing with this is, it contains mint & rose fragrance and I didn't even know it until I use it and experience a cooling sensation on my face.

The result:-

Very clean and refreshing, in fact one the best cleansing oil I ever tried. Even with its lotion-like texture, is easy to wash and doesn't feel sticky/oily at all.

How to use?

- Pump 3-4 times to dispense oil on your dry palm.
- Massage over your face, moving your fingers in spiral pattern to lift off facial
- Emulsify the oil with wet hands and rinse with lukewarm water.


Carrot oil(Skin softening component)
Olive oil(Treatment component)
Grape seed oil(Treatment component)

Price - RMK Cleansing Oil N (175ml/RM110) @_@ Oooo Worth It !!

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