Big is good Jumbo is even better !!

Picture taken from Anna's blog....

Just got to know from Anna's blog that Estee Lauder is offering their Star serums in Jumbo size.

Not only that you can save some $$, you get something extra.

For each of these JUMBO, you get a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and latest ANR eye cream. @_@

So many things and difficult to carry? No worries, EL is very considerate so they give you an elegant cosmetic pouch to go along.

Though I have not really try their product , I'm using their sister brand. But this is a really good deal so must share.

ONLY 100 SETS available. Exclusive at KLCC, Gardens & Lot 10.

Call to book your now. Or you can ask for help at the comments there. I can help out too ^_^

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