Protect Your Largest Organ

Being the largest organ on our body, skin is something rather miracle. I was told that from our scalp to our feet has the exact same skin structure. Only our palm & sole, that has another extra layer.

Glowing skin ^_^

So our skin job is to protect every single organ that contains within therefore is not something that can be invade easily. Only molecule that are small enough can penetrate through the various layer of our skin formation. That's why we always see these technology called nano, micro and etc.

The myth of placing cucumber over our skin for soothing remains as a myth / fun fact. If our skin were to be able to absorb the nutrient from cucumber, it should have dissolve by our skin. So the myth was busted and cucumber is still best meant for eating.

Realize that we always complain that our skin look oily, shiny and greasy? well here's the good news, due to the weather in Asia countries, we are more prone to oily skin and it is this reason that keep us looking younger compare to those who live in western countries. The shine that we see is actually the natural protective layer that our skin produce to look in the moist from our skin from drying up. The shine that we see is actually the oil reflecting the UV rays and protects our skin from getting pigmentation and that also explain why does westerners are more prone to pigments but not us.

Interesting enough? Here's more.. Drink your way to better skin

A bit of a hassle though but save you a lot on mask ^_^

You can adjust the portion according to personal preferance
  • green apple
  • orange/lemon
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • bitter gourd
Blend all ingredient in a blender, add in water. Do not use juicer - we want the fruit/vege fiber.

You may add a little salt to taste. Is better that you think actually.

Is not only good for detoxifying our body at the same time it can help to clear up skin congestion and improve the skin condition.

We are what we eat, a healthy body gives you healthy skin.

Lastly, drink lots of water (plain) ones....


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