Shu Uemura - Abracadabra

Christmas is always magical & wonderful. Joyful music, happy faces and wonderful laughter all around town.

For this year, it's even more... celebrate magical Christmas with Aya Takano Collection from Shu Uemura!!

Limited edition Cleansing Oil, Blush tint, Lip duo tint & gloss, Cute brushes

2 magical palette in Gold & Brown and Pastel Blue & Green

Christmas party with Shu @ KLCC (Pic taken from

As for the theme of this party, I'm sure you all are pretty clear right now.. PINK & Abrcadabra..

Which means anything from Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell, Harry Potter, Pretty Girls with wings??

It was really fun and I'm totally anticipating for the party !!!

Here comes the Fairy - Pixie Xiu with Wings..

Definitely deserve Best Dress to the MAX!!!

Me after painfully trying to re-create the look... Still better get professional HELP!!!!~~~

Me with Tammy @

If you are getting a little confuse why both of us look slightly different... dun worry you don't need an optician.. Coz we are both wearing wiggy.... hahhahahahah (Even thought no tinkerbell for us but we still take some effort to look diff ^_^

Finally must make a wish with Fairy - I wan another wish another wish another wish.... hehehehe

Lastly is the picture I like the most.... I just can't express how much I like this picture.......
So little fellow, any wish for you????

A little more about the event, there was 3 stations for cute little girls like us hehhee to try their new makeup range, then a little cure girl to add some cute things on ur nails, follow buy some cute body painting & sticker on which part of your body you wanna look cute most ehhehhmm... & last but not least a place for food... We've got pink guava, sushi, strawberries & watermelon, some sandwiches and cupcakes..

Aww... I miss Fairy Wing.. Where are you???

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