A smile to give ~

Have you being once, sincerely give something for people in need? Has anyone experience kindness being taken for granted?

I guess many people does. And being so you will always carry this question around, "It is TRUE?".

Well over the weekend after attending WEVENTS event for the 2nd time, it teaches me that there is one way that you can help others yet it is so indirect and worry free.

Around of applause for Julia Chong, Director of the Truly Loving Company. A company that produces personal and household products that are as good if not better than many if the major brands you can name.

Picture taken from Plussizekitten.com

Dedicated her years of experience in the industry, she build a company that not only care about the needy but instead OWN by the needy. TLC being the 1st Social Corporation contribute 100% of its dividends back to the society.

So gorgeous people, somethings can be change. Some people cannot choose who they are or how the way they are now. But we are lucky enough to be able to help.

It isn't so difficult after all, to me it actually make my life easier. You don't need to choose, just pick the right brand off the shelf and you have already help those in need.

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  1. way to go camie, good post! we're now tlc helpers just buy n use.. ^_^ already help...

  2. Thanks Tammy.. is a way we know our contribution reach those who really need it?