A story of CHI ~

in English means Energy or Air. In Chinese saying it represent the flow of energy in nature which can be translated as Ying &Yang.

Having a close relation with the human body, we are said to maintain a balance between the CHI.

In its state of modern architecture, the ZEN design brings in the natural calmness from within.

With such concept being introduce in a fitness center, you will get to know "CHI".

A little walk through on this place, 3 storeys high, a RPM room at the ground floor, weight and yoga room on the 1st floor, Reebok Flex & swimming pool on the 2nd one, and 3rd floor for Cardio.

1st floor

2nd floor (Flex Room)

Swimming pool...

Well equip facilities, hot & cold shower, individual locker, sauna, hair dryer (professional grade), spacious changing area.

Changing area


"I'm not peeping.."

It looks more like a spa if you notice. Simple and nice.

Be surprise that they can offer more than you can expect for, classes are really good (tough but fun), even just for the short 30 mins all muscles stretch (namely baby class) you can feel the heart pumping (not because I'm still alive but the feel of working out). Maybe i'm so not use to exercise a.k.a lazy...

I ran 2 KM... @_@~~~

Cardio was also fun, I may be alien when it comes to gym equipments but the stepper was really good. You get to know you speed, heartbeat, how far you have ran and how many calories you have burn. (I was later being told that all equipments also have the same function).

Manage to get hold of monthly fees as well; it will cost you about RM 120+ for a year contract and RM 130+ for 6 months contract. Not too bad.

If any of you interested in joining, visit their website for more information - CHI Fitness

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