"The" Social Network - Lose the "The"

If it wasn't through social network, I think I will still be a miserably self loving narcissist (not that I'm not now) - Well that's how I met my lovely guy.

Everyone know FACEBOOK - no introduction needed right..

So about the movie, it was about Facebook. Like all 3 successful young billionaires I know by far was Yahoo! Google & Facebook - all started from a school project..

So if you are in your final year, choose the right one that can turn you into the next - Bill Gates..

Overall, I find it really interesting mainly because I felt closely related to this. And it gives out a message that anything is possible even its from your backyard or garage and in his case - dorm room.

It started of with usual school stuff, childish act of an immature who seek revenge because of a failed relationship. He then approached by ideas that inspired (not stolen) and turn out much better. Though he lost his best friend in this battle because he met up with some jerk who is really a jerk but he's got connection. He know people and thus the network expand.

Pictures sourced from imdb.com

For 2 hours and never a second I felt bored by the movie. Guess I believe that it was such the right thing on the right time. And if it wasn't of this, we are we now? Click in NOW !!

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