Marena - Shapewear

Have ever have this thought that came across your mind saying , " How I wish I was just 2 inches slimmer".

Now you can...with Marena Shapewear

So there's many of these claimed to be shape wear in the market, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of ringgit.

But do they work? I don't know - honestly the models are like freaking thin to start off with.. so how does it really work on people like me?

Couple of weeks ago, after attending the preview of Marena Shapewear - I finally got the idea.

Is not really about how slim you can go with it, but rather to fix the curve, get rid of the extra curves here & there.

Smoother curves - no more bulging

Is pretty different kinda concept here with Marena Shapewear because of its made of.

Marena Shapewear is very different compare to those corset like stuff out there.

It's made out of the patented F5 Comfort Weave fabric - a hard work of over 15 years.

Here's an actual comparison between Marena & Spanx (a brand that sells similar garments) - the results speak for it self.

So it's made in a way that creates a balance of power and stretch in all directions with unprecedented slimming power and wearing comfort.

As well, the interesting part is that if you were to wear it during work out, the compression given by the garment helps to reduce the muscle impact and vibration - a major cause to fatigue & soreness. Now that's interesting.

You must also wonder, but I sweat during work out. It must feel uncomfortable to be soaking wet in sweat.. eww

Worry not because the material is knitted in a three dimensional way that pulls the moisture away from the body and allows air to circulate. Also it is the "ONLY" garment currently in the market that passes the test for permanently inhibits the growth of bacteria - fresh & clean. ^_^
Before pics on the left & After pic on the right

Notice the difference? My bulging stomach is much less visible - that totally takes the 2 inches off..

I have tried wearing it one whole day - no sign of uncomfortableness nor feeling "stuffy".

Marena Shapewear offer various design from full body suit to capris and shorts for both male & female.

Unfortunately they do not have it retail yet but don't worry, you can get it from this the website here --> Marena Shapewear

Various sizes available so regardless you are a normal size or a plus size like me you'll find your piece. Measurements are up in the webpage too.

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