Snow White & iT's evil Apple

Unintentionally walking by 1U today, I stumble upon Snow White Evil Queen.

An evangelist by the name - Apple approached me and hand me paper scroll.

Within written some words and as I read it cast a spell on me.

Appear infront my eyes was Prince Charming. With a body of made of aluminium, a face clear as crystal, a broad 21.5" chest - I felt love at first sight.

iSn't he Charming !!

Going for a 4 days adventure - you'll see this handsome one in 1U new wing. For a fortune of 3,899 worth of jewelry & gems, you'll be granted the love in forever land.

A 32gb 2.5" external treasure chest will be given as a blessing to your journey.

You may also decide to appoint guardians in your journey for a period of additional 2 years of protection with gold of 599.

Together you will allow to board an ARC (value of 199) with no gold & gems needed.

At the fall of dawn in 19th Dec - the journey in search of Prince Charming will be put to an end.

Will it be your Faith? or Destiny?

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