Behold --- the Worthy Book

With all the sites coming up benefiting you all and of course "ME" out there.. Here's something you don't need a connection, a printer yet gets you the saving you will much say - "It's so Worthy, I'm gonna Spend".

Sounds pretty shopaholic isn't it. Well I consider this as more of a therapy Worth seeking.

Not to mention that for each book sold, RM 2 will be donated to National Kidney Foundation.

@_@ ---> $_$

So what's this book all about? Should say its about everything.. From dining, retail, entertainment to services. You name it you got it.

With 400 vouchers in the book & over Rm 18000 worth of special deals - tell me your story..

Like it's said in the book - create your own "Sales season" even when there isn't one..

The WORTHY Book -- ^_^

And this is gonna be my first deal ......

Is a one time free trial at ecoparadise - I so need a paradise now...

It's a antioxidant treatment that helps relaxes, revitalize the body as well improves blood circulation, metabolism, reduce swelling... and it's worth RM 35.

See there goes your Worth for the initial investment. ^_^ Isn't it worthy..

More to specials to come --->

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