I Love Juju Aquamoist Clearance Sale

A quick update on the sale.. ^_^

Arrived sharp at 11am - still preparing

Early this morning saw in FB - first 100 get's a gift for free

5th Floor, Hall

Acamedia Clear Lotion (Price ranging RM 27 -RM 50)
JuJu Aquamoist Lotion - (20% Discount) PWP : 5 Pieces Mask @ RM 29 ONLY!!!!

Hot Cake - Cleansing Cream RM 30

Mask 10 for RM25 , 20 for RM 40, 30 for RM50

Skin Condition going 3 for RM 59

RM 2.5 for one, RM 8 for 5 (Also this is the freebies for first 100)

Acemedia set @ RM 69
My mini haul--->

A dark chocolate mirror , Koji limited edition mascara (Lash Specialist + Eyeliner) & Strawberry hair curler..

The mirror and hair curler are going for 3 for 10. I shared one with Anna@Fancy Illusionist. ^_^

My 1st Koji mascara - RM 29 only ^_^

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  1. wow the strawberry curlers so cheap? 3 packs for rm10? the chocolate mirror...

    but that green color face mask, when it was launch in msia it was only rm1.50..

  2. the strawberry curlers are so cute~ where can i find those?