Boing Boing Paprika by Baviphat

Is up is up... my review for Baviphat Water Up Range is up @ Junipers Journal

A little brief intro on the brand itself - an entry level - medium range top to toe care brand.

Consist of body care, skincare & makeup.

Famous for its cute vege & fruit looking packaging.

The one I got from JunipersJournal was the water up range to replenish moisture for dehydrated skin. It come in cute little paprika looking bottles and because the brand emphasize on using natural ingredient - it smells like vege & fruit too.
For the price of RM 49.90 to Rm 79.90 is definitely something that is good for starter.

How much in Korea? about 30% less O_O .. well taxes, logistic, rental, pretty girls by the counter. Is reasonable right..

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