Natio Clay & Plant Mask - Spring Cleaning Time

Today's review is about spring cleaning - your face.

As I always mention, I have oily skin, open pores that easily clog and often suffer from breakout cause by dirt.

I have with me here is the Natio : Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier.

It contains several active ingredients such as sesame (nourishes and restore lustre), lemon extract (cleanse and purify the skin) and palm rosa (soften the skin).

So what does this mask exactly do? Clay mask is a miracle for oily skin, especially those with clog pores and also tired looking skin. But this one double up with firming effect too.

"Light Bulb" Skin

Also found in the mask is and ingredient name Kaolin - is basically a mineral clay that contains fine quartz and mica powder that "polish" the skin surface leaving the skin soft and smooth.

As written on the instruction, I applied a thin layer (enough to cover the whole face) over clean face. Wait for 10 - 15 mins, do follow the instruction strictly as this is a quick drying mask and you do not want it to be so dry that it can leave fine lines on your skin.

A thin layer of mask over clean face ^_^

After the 1st few mins I felt a sense of tingling sensation around my check and nose area, probably because the area was dehydrated. The rest of my face started to "tighten" up and the mask is now ready to be wash off.

So much brighter & no more shiny skin

I found the mask performing decently and my skin does felt fresher, softer , smoother after just 10 mins. Wait till you know how much it cost …

A full size tube is going for RM 37 for 100ml. Oh my god … O_O super affordable and never thought it will perform so well. A tube will easily last you a year?

* thanks to JunipersJournal for the 20ml sample tube

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