Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Roadshow

Estee Lauder is currently running their CyberWhite Brilliant Cells roadshow at Midvalley South Court from 24th March - 30th March (in front of Metrojaya)..

Together with me is Estee Lauder star makeup artist Adrian Sin ~ after a makeup demo

Horrible complexion and tired skin before any makeup =<

Getting a quick touch up by Adrian ~
Much radiance and healthy looking appearance ~

So what's the tips from Adrian -- >

1) Estee Lauder signature style mixture for basic foundation - serum 1 : 2 foundation
2) Dab and roll - signature style for powder application to lock in the foundation and make sure its long lasting
3) Blusher ~ square face - 45 degree from hair line to cheek bones , round face - 180 degree vertical application
4) Signature 3D lips application - apply light tone gloss all over lips and darker shade lipstick at the four corner of the lips ( do not fill in to the center of the lips)

Try these tricks when doing your makeup next time ~ ^_^

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