MG 美即 ~Oxygen Spring Water Purifying & Hydrating Mask

An experience with deep purifying & long lasting hydration with MG mask.

Being one of the best seller in China (local made) they are often seen on the shelves across pharmacies and beauty counters nationwide. So I have decide to give it a try and grab one of the value pack right off the shelf.

The mask contains spring water, natural snow grass and seaweed extract that lock the moisture deep into the skin.

As you can see the cutting for this mask is slightly different with slits around the nose area and also the sides. This is allow the mask to rest closely on the face and ensure that it is fully covered.

Once applied, I can feel a tingling sensation around my nose as it was very dehydrated and that the mask is working its way into my skin. I also felt the firming effect from the application as I removed the mask and all the rich serum has fully absorbed into my skin. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple.

Selling at about RM 5 per piece ~ but often comes in promo pack.

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  1. oh wow it seems quite good! I would love to try some do you know where i will be able to purchase it online!