The Meat Expert ~ Surprising Not

I don't normally do food review as you all notice ~ but this time I really thinks that this is totally worth a post !

Recently I have bought a voucher from for The Meat Expert worth Rm 70. I kept it untouched until today that I decided to make a visit and have my dinner there.

I was sitted by the corner a table for 2 and was handed the menu right after. I flipped through the menu and it was only 4 pages of food with the remaining 10 pages for wines. I also could not locate the "walnut salad" that most bloggers recommend nor the mixed grill that can sample most of the meat there.

So I asked if I could order a mixed grill and they say yes ~ at this point I'm still very excited with my orders.

First came the roast pork a.k.a siu yuk with mashed potato and greens ~ it was being reviewed as "melt in the mouth" piece of meat but the one I had was really lean and it was not anywhere near melting.

Then came the salad, Caesar salad I supposed. The bacon tasted like "wax meat" and the croutons was soggy.

Next came the mixed grilled that I ordered "out of the menu" ~ looks yummy isn't it ...
Pork chop came out overcooked - tough and dry. Beef was cooked medium well (not my request as they didn't ask), texture was fine but tasted bland. Ribs tasted more like char siew but it was ok and the best among the grill was the sausage which I find it heavily seasoned (tad too salty).

My bill came up to RM99.20 and I have to forked out another RM30 on top of the coupon that I have bought. It was not what I have in mind - totally. I should really consider packing some meat and dairies instead.

P/S - this is totally based on personal preference and taste bud ~

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  1. That bad??? wah...i got 2 coupons yet to redeem T.T

  2. hmm be prepared ~ maybe u order something from the counter or just tar pao ~

  3. the meat for the mix-grill is under season !!!!! .. wing the sausage not bad :P it is already pre season if they still can make it bad then they go tutup kedai :D

  4. the pic look so yummy but not?!?! i cant stand restaurant that has limited choice of menu too

    xoxo elle