A visit to the Dragon's Lair

For a super dim sum lover ~ I finally find a place apart from Hong Kong and Ipoh that offer great dim sum.

What I mean here is that overall, all the dishes are good and some was outstanding.

Located at Bandar Puteri Puchong ~ this place was a "hidden" gem amongst the other big guys on the same row.

Offering various type of dim sum from steam to fried it is definitely a treat of gastronomy~

Some of the must try dish that I highly recommend :-

  • Lau Sa Pau - bun with salted egg yolk oozing out steaming hot ~
  • Stir Fry Loh Pak Gou - white radish cake fried till crisp on the outside with juicy bean sprout, savory chinese sausage,and "choi pou" (salted white radish chunk)
  • Juicy Dumpling with Ginger - fish dumpling top with ginger paste with a hint of sweet, sour and spicy touch
  • Loh Mai Kai - the infamous glutinous rice cooked with chicken, mushroom and chinese sausage
There offer weekday special for Loh Mai Kai or Porridge at RM 1.50 with any beverages.

Also for every RM 30 spend, you will receive a stamp and every 3 stamps you will receive a dim sum of your choice for free~

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