A 7 days of Determination

While I happily spent my 2010, meeting new friends and going for outings ~ I really did enjoyed my time.

Dinners, BBQs and celebrations marked some of my best weekends until ~ I hit the scale one day....

@_@ OMG my happiness has been feeling up my scale's reading

So, I was walking passed SASA last week and there are having this clearance sales going on. Browsing through the shelves I saw this ---->

7 Days Diet

It is basically a meal supplement that consist of 2 cookies and also a cream corn soup. It works in a way of a low calories diet which total up only 99 kcal (normal meal = 700kcal).

Main ingredients of the :-

Cookies - Flour, Reducing sugar syrup, Plant oil, Soybean protein, Egg, Reducing sugar, Wheat germ, Onion extract, Chicken extract, Salt, Garlic powder, Expanding agents and Emulsifier

Corn soup - Corn powder, Glucose, Dextrin, Whey powder, Starch, Salt, Milk product, Parsley, Onion extract, Pork/Beef protein (NON HALAL), and Spice

Originally priced at RM58 and now selling at a 50% discount. (ONLY IN SASA MIDVALLEY)

I will be reviewing it taste and after effect later - check it out in the next 7 days.

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