From other side of Magical Musical ~

It was such an honor to have gotten an invite from AMBP and Sunway Lagoon to attend the back stage premier for Magical Musical.

As I have shared some of the details about the background and setup for the show in my previous post, this time it's a more visual "sneak preview".

First of all, let's bring in the family of the show ~

Main actors and actress as well as their lovely dancers~

The whole evening featured a rehearsal of the 1st half section of the musical and also a up close interview with the cast.

Stevie Tate Bauer (middle) & Amanda Salmon (right)

Stevie who also know as Megan in Magical has a rich history in performing arts. She performed in numerous musical such as "The Lord of The Rings", "Wicked" and also various TV series such as " Hollyoaks and Love Bites. In this story, Stevie will be having some sparks of romance with another male artiste named Stephen Weller/Danny.

Amanda who also know as Stephanie in the play, has made her very own professional debut playing the lead role of Pearl in Starlight Express. For those who have watched Peter Pan, Amanda has taken the role Wendy and performed alongside with Henry Winkler.

Gareth Heesom/Josh

Gareth Heesom has been acting for the past 8 years and appeared in many productions such as "Spend, Spend, Spend", "There Playing Our Song" and also renowned Shakespeare's " The World's a Stage". Seen above is Gareth doing a routine from Jaiho.

Neil Couperthwaite/Ryan

Neil is definitely no stranger to the world of performing arts. Having performed in countless acts and a TV series, his passion and love remains loyal to the world of musical. He has appeared as Doody in Grease, and lead role Rusty in Starlight Express. Down the line, I'm kinda expecting some development going on between Ryan and Stephanie in the show. *Psst, btw he's my personal favorite ~^_^~ (blush)

Stephen Weller - Danny

Stephen has not only performed in numerous acts but also appeared in many concerts including Showtime At The Stadium, Sondheim Tonight and Salute to the Stars. He also acted in Phantom of the Opera, Woman in White and also the recent cast in The Producers. Stephen has an exceptionally beautiful vocal as he sang a duet with Stevie during the rehearsal.

Chris Colby (producer) explaining the details of each stage setup to fellow bloggers ~

David Kort (Choreographer) ~

The setup to be use while performing some numbers from Mamma Mia!

Various special effects and lighting has been setup to further enhance the effect and excitement of the audiences.

The spectacular stage set incorporated some extravaganza settings such as explosive pyrotechnics, large LED screens, laser lights and also flame machines to be use during the performance. The shows also includes 30 musical numbers from all time favourite Mamma Mia!, Dream Girls, Fame, Staurday Night Fever, Moulin Rouge, Grease, footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and GLEE !!!! Chris also explained that he wanted to bring out the message through Magical Musical that theater can be fun, young and accesible. He also mentioned that he would like to offer more choices so that it appeals to the audiences.

Stevie & Amanda showing us some of their favorite pieces
Some head piece that will be used during the show~

They had most of their costume made from China and Thailand while a few of the pieces was proudly sources from our famous Sungai Wang Plaza. David jokingly named it Sungai Wang Couture ~ ^_^

Attending this was so much fun and I can't wait for the Gala Premier of Magical Musicals on the 10th June 2011. For those who are interested and would love to see the show, please proceed to and purchase your ticket now. Price from RM 100 onwards

On the other hand, if you would like to watch the show for FREE. Still you need to put in some effort to win the tickets ~ there are currently 3 contest going on.

1) Comment & Win (50 pairs of Blue Zone tickets)

25 pairs of tickets for the June 15 screening, and 25 pairs more for the June 22 show.

2) Facebook Quiz (50 pairs of Blue Zone tickets)

50 pairs of tickets

- 9 June (10 pairs)
- 10 June (15 pairs)
- 16 June (10 pairs)
- 17 June (15 pairs)

3) Blog & Win (For AMBP members – 70 pairs of Red & Blue zone tickets for Gala Premiere)

140 tickets to the Gala Premiere on June 10, 2011

For more details about the contest, click here! Hurry up and get your tickets now ~ I promise its gonna be phenomenal...

Here's some short clip of the rehearsal ~ enjoy

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