MAC Wonder Woman - Marquise D

It’s been couple of months since MAC launched their Wonder Woman series. Vibrant eye palettes, MSF and colored mascara are some of the products that shout Marvel & comic.

As much as I like LE (limited edition) products, makeup should be super versatile for me. Marquise D just like its shade, it’s one of the more down to earth lipstick in the collection. It gives a peach yet close to nude finishing for the lips and top with a very faint shimmer effect.

Packaging is super comical and toy-ish with a blue & red combination plus a wonder woman “emblem” on it. While MAC relating to vibrant is almost certain, this lipstick is definitely an everyday item.

For people with tanned skin like mine, you may find this shade a little “pale” as the nude effect may disastrously turn you into kinda sick looking. For RM 68 and you have been looking out for nude colors, perhaps this is the answer for you.

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