Cybercolor - Gemstone in Pink Sapphire

What will be that one item that pretty much save your day when you are on a rush and doesn’t wanna look like you just got your blood drained by a vampire last night?

There you go, a couple of swipes and you are on the go. Recently I’ve gotten this Cyber Color Gemstone series in Pink Sapphire. It’s very pinkish and comes with a combination of both matte and shimmering color.

It doubles up as a all-over highlighter with one of its near pale pink shimmer shade. I suggest to use this 4 shades together as it gives a very natural healthy glow and afraid not that it will be over pinky as all japanese brands have a very sheer finishing.

I found the packaging super interesting as I have never come across a blusher with a slide and latched cover. Once slide open, lift the top cover and it opens up as a mirror. Unveil inside is a little brush which I find it rather handy.

There’s a way to apply this blusher, first swipe from bottom to top and you will get the shimmer over the right cheek bone. Second swipe is top to bottom and you will apply this on left side of your cheek. To get a visible glow, I suggest 3 - 4 swipes on each cheek will be adequate. Super love this blusher and it easily suit both fair or tan skin tone.

5 swipes and looking good ~ japanese blusher is definitely one of the best. Selling for around RM60, its definitely a bargain and satisfy blusher.

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