Plussizekitten Birthday Bash ~

Plus-size it’s the description ~ Kitten is the species ~ Miu is the breed ~ and now marks it’s 3rd year invading the planet call earth. Wait a sec ~ I’m talking about turning 3 this year !!

Tammy @ Miu of invited me over to her wonderful blog birthday bash at Amante Mont Kiara.

I started reading Tammy blog about 2 years back and we first met each other was during InTrend anniversary in 1Utama when I helped her to pick up one gift from a friend in Mid Valley.

So back to the party - we were told to dress in pink and wear slippers. Why? Coz pink is sweet and girly while slippers is because, we are going to have SPA pedicure ~ yoo hoo !!!

The very moment I stepped in to the place it was filled with floating balloons - in PINK & SILVER ~ with dangling ribbons. It was all over the place over hundreds of them. Never once I attended a party so girly and sweet. It’s like a party for Princesses.

Speaking of being a Princess, beside beautiful setting we were also served with the must have English tea. I don’t mean just the drink itself but “tea” as in the full spread of delicacies such as scone, tarts and cupcakes ~


Tea served in English style ceramic pots and cups, home made scones with cream & jam, fresh strawberries with cream, cupcake with icing & sugar sprinkles, fruit tarts and the savory sandwich bites. If I’m not ALICE then I must have just entered her wonderland.

Sip, sip, sip and it’s my turn to pamper my “little” ones with Amante’s SPA pedicure. Since it’s a pink party, Tammy picked up a couple of Essie pink polish for us to choose. I grabbed hold of a tone name “Escapades” because it sounded so right ~ Is a pink orangy neon-ish tone and looks super candy like on the toes.

Have you try SPA pedicure? Wonder how it looks like? Well, it started off with soaking you feet in warm water to soften the skin. The manicurist will then removed the cuticles around the nails and apply scrub up to the knee to remove the dead skin cell and whiten the skin. Scrub, scrub, scrub and “splash” - clean and brighter looking legs. A mask is then applied to the leg with a separate mask on sole of the feet to soften and hydrate the skin. Like how we marinate meat, after seasoning we wrap with cling wrap and place it in the steamer (kinda like leg warmer) to cook. Haha but this time is my both of my leg and not the chicken wing ~

A very satisfied session with the SPA pedicure and thanks to Tammy for the invite. I continue on to sip, sip, sip and munch the afternoon away. Before the party ends, each of us Princesses received another surprise. It’s a goodie bag filled with Essie products.

Picture taken from I LIKE SHOOTING

I want to be a Princess everyday ~ Thanks Tammy for setting this and best wishes for Plussizekitten ~ Grow big you good kitty!!

Proud sponsors include:-

Amante Nail Spa
Mont Kiara @ Solaris
First and Second floor
No.17-1, Jalan Solaris 4
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-8pm
Tel 03 62030221

Teaffani High Tea Catering

Party Moo Moo

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