Scissors Empire - What a hairCUT

All of us are surrounded by deals, discounts and rebates everyday and everywhere. I personally enjoy hunting for good and valuable services especially when it comes to hair grooming.

Recently I had bought 2 vouchers from WEBUY after being bugged by my BF keep mentioning that he needs a haircut. So I was out hunting for good place to avoid ended up look like he just got run over by a lawn mower or something.

So I came across this deal by Scissors Empire @ Mont Kiara Solaris. For RM 28 - it includes a hair cut, wash & blow and also an organic hair treatment. Plus there's also an additional RM 20 discount voucher to be use on your next visit.

While unlike other salons, this place has only 2 hair designers. Upon sitted, I was served with a cup of warm chinese tea and some magazines were brought over for my reading. I started off with getting my hair wash and getting the hair treatment/

The products used were called RE>>LIFE and the whole treatment has to do with putting back the "life" in to my hair. (Its been almost dead ever since the frequent coloring & constant styling). These products are made organic and its from ITALY (not sure if its imported or made there though). There smell heavenly, non chemical smell at all.

Unlike other treatments, this doesn't require wrapping nor heat. All you need to do is just applies it on the hair away from the root and leave it for 15 mins. After a couple of rinses and drying off my mane, Ken (hair designer) prepare to do the ceremony. Cutting off every single strand that has almost paralyzed because of my obnoxious activities to it.

It was a surprise outcome, almost shocking thought. (Cause my hair was perm but I walked out of the salon with straight hair) O_o

My verdict ? Perhaps you can judge it yourself. Definitely gonna be a re-visit.

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