Himalaya My Hair My Mane Woe Workshop

Why do people grow their hair? Why do we put so much effort grooming and taking care of it? Why some have short hair? Some have long hair? Perm ones, straight ones and colored ones.

Bounce, Bounce ~ It's so fluffy and bouncy (no curling thongs, just hair dryer & comb)

I guess, it’s just the nature of living things to look beautiful, attractive and appealing to the someone else. People are proud of their hair, pay $$$ to groom them but how many actually know how to really take care of it?

Hair Analysis ~ Scalp your are almost certified ~ (O)_(o)

Honestly, my hair are almost like hay ~ yup it’s dry like draught in summer and coarse like straw. I’m a “dye” hard fan and I can never stand my hair looking the same for more than 2 months. On top of that, the brilliant me have no proper hair regime at all. Not until I attended the My Hair My Man Woe workshop organized by Himalaya.

Familiar faces? Hehe

If any of you are familiar with Himalaya’s product. It is 100% Herbal based hair care which protects and nourish the hair from root to its end.While it offers various products to address different needs but there’s one thing common in it. Which I called it the Himalayan regime.

Hair Savior ~ Go away damaged hair & oily scalp!!

I personally have oily scalp which cause my hair to break and creates dandruff. So I was advice to use their Protein Shampoo - Volume & Bounce. It helps to create volume and wash off flat/greasy hair. This range contains Soapberry extract, cucumber and licorice which act as the natural grease fighter that cleanser the scalp throughly to remove and reduce excessive oil. While given that my hair condition is rather “damaged” I picked up the Protein Conditioner - Repair & Regeneration which uses Aloe as the natural moisturizer, Chickpea & Bean sprout which are both rich sources of natural protein to rebuild the damage hair follicles. On top of the old school shampoo & conditioner, Himalaya offers even more. They also have a Revitalizing Hair Oil which contain Thistle, Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Chickpea and Bael Tree which help to nourish the hair and promote soothing effect to the scalp. It creates a shiny, bouncy and volumized healthy hair.

Pampered ~ Hair oh hair, is your time for SPA ~

To start with, my hair is drench in the Himalaya Revitalizing Hair Oil (you will find this very common if you go for indian spa) followed by a wonderful 15 minutes head massage which helps to promote the blood circulation of the scalp. There’s no rinsing require and you can just follow by shampooing your hair with the Himalaya Protein Shampoo (whichever range that suits you most). Do not ever scratch your scalp as this may injure your scalp and there may be fungus infection that can cause serious dandruff and sensitive scalp problem. After rinsing off the shampoo, follow by applying Himalaya Protein Condition and in my case, heavy conditioning. Lastly, apply the Himalaya Protein Hair Cream (leave -in) before blow drying your hair and you may style as you please.

Base camp ~ hidden somewhere deep and high ~ ^_^

Of cause, my session was a brisk since it wasn’t me doing all the washing. Thanks to A Cut Above Academy Sunway as they arranged their student stylist to guide us on the correct shampooing techniques. It was my best hair washing session especially meeting a whole bunch of familiar faces.

Everyone enjoying getting their hair pamper ~

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