Pampering with Nature ~ Pantene @ Villa Manja

I consider myself a very lucky girl to received an invitation for a lavish pampering session @ Villa Manja Spa. All thanks to Tammy @ Plussizekitten & Pantene !! ^_^

Lying in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's concrete jungle, this hidden gem is definitely a retreat.

Walking through the garden, I was lead by the pebbles path to the entrance of the spa. I was taken by surprise to see a stone crossing surrounded by a koi pond inside the living are. It was just astonishingly beautiful and welcoming.

Beautiful entrance leading toward my happiness ~

Beautiful roses for us ~

Walk across the hall I then met with some familiar faces ~ a few of the other ladies were already chatting away happily while waiting for the rest of us to arrive. We were served with a glass of warm ginger tea and some light snacks before the session start.

Little Ros, Alicia, Tammy & Jone from Pantene

Living area filled with lemongrass scent ~

Each of us was introduced to our respective masseuse and lead our way to the designated room. The relaxing scent of lemongrass oil filled the air as I walked passed the hallway down to my room.
2 beds for you and your love one

The session started off with hair pampering and scalp massage using natural oil from plant extract to soften my hair and improve the blood circulation on the scalp. Combine with the scalp massage technique used, it encourages blood circulation which reduce clogged follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Following that was the fully body scrub using green tea and cocoa to remove dead skin cells as well as to brighten up dull skin tone. This is my first time getting a full body scrub and I felt a little shy. From neck down till the sole of my feet, every inch of my skin felt so soft and radiance in just 30 minutes.

Roses petals ~ slices of lime

After washing away the green tea and cocoa bits, I re-entered the room and was getting ready for my steam bath. In a pool of warm water was rose petals and lime. Roses are know for their anti-oxidant and brightening benefits will lime works very well to remove dead skin cells.
Plus they both smell wonderful too .

Roses are red, lime is green - Soaking in them and I get nice skin ~

After getting my skin warm and moist, the massage begins. The masseuse first heat up the massage oil and gently drizzle it over my skin. I requested a more gentle message as I find it more enjoyable to relax my muscle by not having too much pressure on it. I falled asleep soon after the massage begin and only back to my senses when I was asked to turn over. I had such a wonderful and enjoyable time, I wish it never end.

Mysterious little bottles which contain the secret behind beautiful skin & relaxing mind ~

We were then served with some light refreshment and chocolate fondue ^_^ slurp ~ while Jone gets ready to set up her little presentation. We were shared with information of Pantene latest range which had recently launched in the market namely ~ Pantene Nature Care. It was the creation of combining the best of both worlds from science and nature.

Chocolate Fondue ~ Yum Yum

Some background sharing for Pantene

Happy ladies ~ Look at their gorgeous smile ~

We had flowers too ~

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