Welcome to Korea

An yeong ha se yong !! Yes, Korea here I come.

Well once again thanks to Air Asia, I booked some rather affordable tickets to Korea. For RM 560, a return ticket to Seoul during Autumn is definitely some bargain.
Going for 6 days 5 nights, I really didn't know where to start with.

First of all, I know nothing about Korea except for Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi Jigae, Rain, Super Junior, Big Bang, Laneige and basically all the "delicious" things. (Nice to see ^_^)

I can't speak a word in Korean except for Hello, Thank You and "Tru le" which means "do you wanna die?"

But I am not worry at all, for there is Master Google. And of cause for those who are generous enough to share.

If you where to ask me to plan your trip, you will probably be lost by now. I am no planner at all or more precisely I can't plan.

So what will be in my itenary for the next 6 days?

- Geobukgong Palace
- Insadong (Samzilgil)
- Myeong Dong
- Dong Dae Mun
- Gwangjang Market
- Gwanghangmun
- Hongyik University
- Ewha Women University
- Sinchon
- Nami Island
- Seoul Tower
- War Memorial
- Cheonggye River
- Han Gang River
- COEX Mall
- Mun Jyeong Dong Outlets

You must be wondering how on earth can this be done within 6 days? Me neither and I just let my "plan" free fall.

Today is my first time taking a shuttle to the airport and I must say it is convinient. Also because my kind housemate willing to send me off to the LRT station early this morning.

I barely make it to the gate today with only 3 minutes to gate closing. I board a plane heading for a 7 hours flight without in-flight entertainment O_o.( I survived by writting this). Had my pre-booked meal exclusive for Korea route only to find out that I still prefer Pak Nassir Nasi Lemak. The best part is that, I am on a flight with the person who owns the airline.

My flight is going to reach Seoul around 10pm tonight and I hope to make it to town before midnight. I will be spending the night in a Jimjibang and it better be a good night.

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