Something sparkles by Shiny Happy People

Being me, I've always wanted to mark my skin with beautiful work of art. Black is the norm, color is beyond but GOLD is extraordinaire ! Well I've still not decided on the ultimate symbol so experimenting with some temp will suffice for the time being. 

Yup you probably have guess it correct by now that I'm referring to no other yet extremely familiar temporary body art. Remember the years when it first started on the wrap of a bubble gum to its fancier half brother - da spray paint tattoo. There's so many but yet none that gives you that unique catchy sparkling piece of craft until - Shinny Happy People ! 

Figure out what they have to offer yet ? Shiny Happy People carry an extensive collection of sparkling gold silver metallic temporary body tattoo which you can select throught their page on FB. 

Here's an example on my own wrist. Lovin them already? Click on and get yours now

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