Blooming Happiness - Simply . Awesome . Flowers by Happy Bunch

Living by the notion to put a smile on one face everyday. One should need no reason to give your love one a beautiful bouquet of happiness.

At Happy Bunch, happiness is Simple . Awesome . Affordable !! . Founded by 2 beautiful ladies, Lee Yen & Joanne both highly passionate individuals are dedicated in sending happy vibes along with these beautiful bunches of flowers to you~ 

The concept is not only brilliant but refreshing as well. It's simple, no fancy unnecessary packaging, all you need is just place your order online. You don't even need to think about what to pick because each arrangement is unique everyday. All materials including the wrap are made of biodegradable materials, that's how Happy Bunch share their love - even to Mother Nature.

Now here's one from myself (of coz I didn't order them) - Just Made My Day !

**p.s - Girls really do like surprise !! 

Updated - My lovely bouquet experienced some wilting yesterday after being unwrapped and place in a vase. I have then tested out a revival method by snipping off part of its stem and soak it in hot boiling water for 30 secs. Then, place it back in to regular temperature water in a vase. Voila, wake up to a lovely revived full bloom this morning !!! Amazing !!

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