Online Entrepreneur Alert - 8 tips to encourage the e-shopper

Now if you are or plan to kick start an online business, here's some advice from research experts that you can consider to refer...

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Easy and compact 8 steps to understand what an online shopper while doing their shopping.
  1. The snake: Hierarchy of information is key and most important messages should be carefully placed in the high impact areas of a page, from the head to the tail of “the snake”.
  2. The eight check points. Navigation ease needs to be observed in real time. If we just ask visitors for their feedback after the visit, participants tend to minor their navigation problems and we loose 2/3 of the information.
  3.  The telescope effect. Avoid the impression of poverty conveyed by the digital format: caroussels, drop down menus, reminders of the number of skus in each category, etc. can help.
  4. The Digital Added Value. Take advantage of the specific digital functionalities (comparators, live animation, geo-locators, etc.) which enable the website to effectively supplement information available by other means.
  5. NOT a catalog: An e-commerce website is a dialog, which allows several ways of interaction: Pull, Push, Interactive mode.
  6. Talking to me? The web creates unprecedented possibilities of personalization, related to the visitor’s profile, history, mood etc.
  7. The web tone of voice.Closeness is driven by a special tone of voice, made of a touch of playfulness and  humour, a call for collaboration and an invitation to a show.
  8. The Digital Journey.Providing all the necessary components is not enough. An e-commerce website is a journey, divided into steps, each requiring a specific identity in terms of function, duration, tone, relation mode.
*Information source from Ipsos Today : NewsWire

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